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What we do

GlibHippo is a boutique digital media and sales agency. We specialize in compressing the learning curve for businesses transitioning from analog marketing and physical products to the fragmented world of ones & zeroes. Starting with creative, continuing through to lifetime value, we do much more than plan impressions and calculate clicks.

Our private network, bundles select entertainment traffic into audience packages to create high value campaigns for brand advertisers.

We also operate a proprietary global trading desk able to execute display and video campaigns in real-time across the planet.

For brands, our digital campaigns deliver proper audience metrics and Television results –  reach at a defined frequency in target group.

For performance advertisers, we have generated over 2.000.000 players and subscribers since 2008. We measure success with acronyms: DAU, MAU, ARPU, and LTV.

Our brand advertising clients include agencies: MediaCom, PhD, Carat and SCREAM Mediabyrå and brands: Universal Pictures, Disney, Ubisoft, Nokia and EA among many.

We are Lumascape cartographers – charting the proliferation of the value extractors to minimize their impact.

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The Team

GlibHippo was founded by a team of Web entrepreneurs and advertising veterans with combined 45 years online marketing experience as both publisher, media buyer and agency. We are maintain a presence in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and, coming soon, Thailand and Singapore.

Josh Mortensen

– Founder, Managing Partner

joshJosh has 15 years of marketing experience on 3 continents. Originally from Colorado, USA, he has an MA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin and, for some reason, can speak Arabic.

Maik Brodowski

– Founder, Operations Director

maikAn addiction to Counter-Strike sparked Maik’s interest in online advertising. After organizing some of Germany’s biggest online gaming tournaments in the early aughts, he became sales manager for ESNation, and then EMEA sales director.



Where have all the middlemen gone? Oh wait…

Reports of the death of middlemen have been greatly exaggerated.
Just read yet another article claiming ad tech is going to rid the world of online advertising’s favorite bogeyman men. Google and Facebook, as is standard, are used as examples. But Google and Facebook are also outliers. And if Google is anything, it is the mother-of-all middlemen. In fact, “the decline of mass media”, i.e. fragmentation i.e. Mr Kawaja’s chart, is exactly why the go-betweens aren’t going anywhere, they are just reinventing themselves. The real shift is that adverting is becoming a much more technical skill, a skill advertisers are not likely to develop themselves anytime soon. Ad tech promises a brave new no-middle-man world but their kool-aid should be consumed in moderation. All those ones and zeroes don’t make your “platform” any less of a middleman.


Robot Invasion meet Zombie Apocalypse

The web is lousy with bots. Weird bits of code that generate fake ad impressions and fake clicks. Algorithms that create page views where there are none. They are everywhere.

Bots are the ne plus ultra of digital media “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Actually, “don’t care, don’t know” would be a more apt moniker. They are a fantastic expedient. Media agencies get to pretend their campaigns hit the KPIs (no matter how silly those KPIs are). Publishers who buy bot traffic or just create it themselves (ahh, yes, this happens) get to capture more budget and deliver good KPIs. Advertisers, blissfully ignorant, get their, yeah, KPIs. Win, win, win. In fact, it’s so successful, it has raised adtech disingenuousness to a whole new level.

Sinister but a kind of a victimless crime. Everyone is getting what they want. And it is really hard to get caught.

Queue the undead.  Media companies like Buzzfeed, Upworthy and Viralnova see your robot invasion and raise you their zombie apocalypse. They have created an expedient that solves the fraud problem. Deep in their hidden labs they have perfected the viruses that turn humans into click-zombies. Listicles, slideshows, info-graphics, quizzes, GIFs – the pathogens that transform us all, 28 Days Later style.

Like a pulp dystopian novel, their army of  Walkers dutifully obey the command to find out if they are C-3PO or Chewbacca  or hear the five words a bullied teenager delighted the internet with. Click. Click. Click. Slideshows. Miley Cyrus Topless. Braaaaains…

Linkbait. It might make you feel better about your particular form of imp pimping. But it is no better than bot traffic.


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